1. Buyer issues ICPO, Passport Copy and Company Registration Certificate along with:

2. Seller verifies and approves all vessel documents and Seller issues Commercial Invoice for buyer's signatory.

3. Seller provides following PPOP documents to Buyer:

4. The buyer provides Authority to Inject (A.T.I.) from their vessel company confirming their readiness to receive the product after Dip Test in Seller's shore tanks.

5. Upon receipt of buyer’s (A.T.I.), Seller issue to Buyer the following documents PPOP listed below:

6· Allocation Certificate

7. Upon successful Dip Test in sellers’ tanks, the product will immediately be injected into Buyer's Vessel tanks. The buyer makes the payment for the product via MT103 and Seller transfers Title Ownership to the Buyer.

8. Seller issues the following document to all intermediaries the endorsed NCNDA/IMFPA and Seller pays all intermediaries respectively.

9. Subsequent delivery shall commence according to the terms/conditions of the Contract

All transactions are supported by a complete global infrastructure supporting tactical operations including (i) its key management